Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Thing One

Now I have finally completed all of Thing One. I have posted a blog entry, created an avatar and exported it to my blog. It was all easier than I thought it would be and kind of fun thinking about what I would choose to look like. I can see why people who regularly do these types of things spend so much time doing them. It's fun! I'll be back on another day to "change my clothes" and update the background. Where else can I look good in anything and be anywhere I want to be? Think of the possibilities... Wow! I guess maybe I am starting to understand my daugher's obsession with her MySpace page. Closing the generation gap - it's a good thing.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day One

Well, here I am blogging like I know what I am doing. I signed up for this blog and I have it registered on the 23 things web site, so now what? I wonder if I will have anything important to say or anything that will matter to anyone but me. Maybe not, but here is what I have to say for the world to see and mumble under their breath about this doofus school librarian posting on a blog she knows nothing about. Maybe I will learn a thing or two - hopefully 23 - and then will be able to blog with the best of them. So, here's to blogging and 23 things!